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Egg Freckles?

No. it doesn’t make much sense. Which is why the cartoonist Garry Trudeau coined this apt (or inept) bit of idiocy to lampoon the original hand-held Newton computer’s difficulty in deciphering handwriting.

After several years of supporting people and their computers, I have found that like the comic, human expectations and technological capabilities rarely coincide. I started Egg Freckles as a way to share my experiences with people and technology.

Who are you?

My name is Thomas Brand. I dropped out of art school and spent some time behind the Genius Bar. Today I am a systems administrator at MIT. When I am not writing about technology, I am running up hills for fun.

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Why an Apple Newton?

Apple’s dud from the 90’s may not seem like a exciting theme for a modern technology website, but the Newton still has a lot to teach us.

  • Newton OS is a document centric operating system that values your data over your apps. When you boot a Newton the first thing you see is your last note and not a screen full of application icons the way most computers work today.
  • The Newton’s handwriting recognition got better and some say matches offerings made by Microsoft more than a decade later.
  • Despite being a device developed before its time, the Newton is still beloved and supported by a small community of dedicated users. Thanks to their efforts, advancements such as wireless networking made there way onto the Newton long after Apple turned off the lights.

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